About Us

What is our Mission?

We provide funding and logistical support to ensure Southerners receive safe and compassionate reproductive care including abortion services. Through education and leadership development, we build power in communities of color to abolish stigma and restore dignity and justice.

What is Our Vision?

We envision a world where all Southerners…
have full access to care and support around their reproductive health decisions without biases or barriers.


What are our values?

Radical Love: If we are going to unapologetically make reproductive justice a reality in the Southeast we must change hearts and minds with unconditional, revolutionary, radical love. The work we do, how we do the work, and the decisions we make are deeply rooted in radical love that directly challenges the hateful narrative of the opposition.

Southern Synergy: We invest in building relationships and principled collaboration with people and organizations to ensure our communities are fully supported in the South and beyond.

Autonomy and Self Determination: We believe every individual knows what they need in order to thrive and should be supported in their decisions without being limited by shame, fear, lack of resources, or discrimination.

Collective Power: To achieve reproductive justice, we need to build a more aligned and diverse movement that centers impacted communities. Nothing about us, without us.

What Are Our Goals

  • Eliminate the economic barriers limiting one’s access to reproductive care by providing financial and logistical assistance to those who meet the organizational guidelines for support.
  • Build and encourage community involvement in the movement for reproductive justice in the South by facilitating intersectional dialogue and analysis among communities.
  • Advance equitable rights in reproductive decision-making through public advocacy and education.
  • Increase physical access to healthcare providers and reproductive care by maintaining positive relationships with other funds and reproductive justice organizations in the South.