Abortion Bans Are Bad For Immigrant Health + Human Rights

By Nzingha H. Immigrant communities in the U.S. face immense challenges in achieving bodily autonomy and reproductive justice, and abortion bans exacerbate the problem. From harsh immigration policies that exacerbate barriers to clinical procedures, to lack of access to contraception and prenatal care. Persons living in the U.S. without permanent legal status risk family separation […]

The Intersection of Reproductive Justice and Climate Change

By Sierra R. & Musa S.    It’s easy to hear “climate change is a Reproductive Justice issue”, and be confused. Reproductive Justice (​RJ) and ​climate change probably seem like distinct topics, but they are actually very interconnected on several levels!  RJ advocates for personal bodily autonomy and self-determination over health decisions, the directing of […]

Honoring Hydeia Broadbent on National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Nzingha H. When we think of the leaders and trailblazers within the modern HIV/AIDS movement, we should look to none other than Hydeia Broadbent. Hydeia Broadbent was the youth voice that made the world listen. She elevated and uplifted the conversations about viral transmission, prevention, and the dismantling of stigma, at a time when […]

Toni Cade Bambara, Black History Month, & Organizing

Get in the field! Mouth don’t win the war. By Zoe Bambara   “Revolution begins with the self, in the self…It may be lonely. Certainly painful. It’ll take time. We’ve got time. That of course is an unpopular utterance these days. Instant coffee is the hallmark of current rhetoric. But we do have time. We’d […]

Bigger Than Roe: The Limits of ‘Choice’

By Angel Whaley, ARC-Southeast Co-Executive Director I had a dentist appointment not too long ago, and I was reminded once again that I have yet to remove my wisdom teeth, ugh. They don’t really bother me, but I should’ve had them taken out years ago. My dentist gave me a referral to a specialist in […]

Letter: Reproductive Justice Includes Palestinian Liberation

Southern Synergy: from the South to the Global South We work with southerners every day, supporting them with their abortion appointments, uplifting their stories, and helping them navigate the dangerous web of abortion bans, intentional misinformation, and reproductive oppression. When our callers express frustration with the many barriers they face, we affirm them and emphasize […]