ARC-Southeast: GA Supreme Court’s ‘Forced Pregnancy’ Ruling Won’t Stop Us

ATLANTA, GA — This morning, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled to uphold the state’s oppressive six-week abortion ban, a devastating blow to reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy. This dangerous law, which bans abortion before most people even know they are pregnant, will force countless Georgians to either travel out of state for essential healthcare or be denied access altogether. This decision marks a decisive blow to access to abortion and reproductive care in Georgia.

Georgia already suffers from appallingly high rates of maternal mortality that disproportionately impact Black women, and a lack of clinic and hospital access among poor, rural, and working class communities. Banning abortion will only increase health risks and pregnancy-related deaths, forcing residents who cannot afford to travel to seek unsafe abortions. By allowing this extreme ban to stand, the Georgia Supreme Court has essentially permitted state-sanctioned forced pregnancy and birth.

“Our right to make decisions about our own bodies and futures should not hinge on nine judges, whether in the U.S. Supreme Court or Georgia’s highest court,” said Angel Whaley, ARC-Southeast’s Co-Executive Director. “Bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right that no court can take away, and our struggle continues until every Georgian has access to the reproductive care they need, without interference from callous politicians or the whims of the judiciary.” 

To our supporters: let this news push you into further determination, solidarity, and mutual aid organizing, not despair. We will not allow these repressive measures to stop our organizing, protesting, support for abortion funds and seekers, and will pursue every possible avenue to restore reproductive justice in Georgia. This ban is unconstitutional, inhumane, and cannot be allowed to stand. We will make our voices heard until every Georgian has the fundamental right to bodily autonomy fully restored.

If you or someone you know needs assistance accessing reproductive care, contact the ARC-Southeast healthline at (855)-227-2475 or visit 


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